Enthusiasm Helps Create Change

Have you ever seen a child excited for the holidays? Their face sparkles, their steps are peppy and bouncy, all thoughts and words seem to draw back to this thrilling event- they literally are “bursting” with excitement. And judging from the huge grins on their faces, you can tell it feels good to be so excited.

Adulthood can condition to the notion that excitement leads to disappointment. We’ve all been there; where something you were excited about doesn’t measure up. But if we can be excited about the experience without expectation of the outcome, then the joy of enthusiasm becomes a powerful tool towards bringing happiness and lifting heaviness or depression.

As Charles Kingsley says, “We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”  When you are enthusiastic about something, you experience a surge of energy. Your thoughts and actions line up to make whatever project you are focused on a reality. Let’s get excited about something…NOW.

Here are tips:

Change up your routine. Routines can bring a sense of ease to our lives but, over time, they can also feel like a rut. Shake it up a bit and do something new. It could be a different route to work, an outdoor picnic, riding your bike somewhere, trying a new food or restaurant, or going for a walk instead of the normal nightly TV watching. It doesn’t matter- just that it is isn’t the usual.

Be excited to see your partner or family members. Run to them when they walk in the door and give them big kisses. Isn’t it nice to come home and have your pet thrilled to see you? You can feel that same joy within you and then brighten someone else’s day too.

Travel. Travel inspires enthusiasm because of the adventure of going somewhere and also because of the planning. If you can’t afford a trip this summer, plan out some adventure. In every state and every community, there is something nearby that is interesting. It could be a Parks and Recreation adventure. Find 4 parks near you and plot out a plan to visit them. Plan out what you will do there, what you will bring, and then feel the excitement of looking forward to your journey.

Add a cool new fitness program. Find a new fitness class and then go every week. You will look forward to the class and your body will feel refreshed and renewed. Make sure the fitness class is something you have always wanted to try but never have before. Love the water? Take a Stand-Up Paddleboard class. There are so many unique classes out there with something for everyone and every level.

The time is now to find something to be excited about and then put all of your focus into it. I’m excited for you!