Kevin*, who had been diagnosed with ADD Tampa, walked into my office seeking help as he entered his sophomore year of college.  Kevin talked to me about the fun he had as a freshman out on his own for the first time.  But he’d also experienced a great deal of stress when it came time to getting his papers completed and crunching for exams.  Kevin and I talked about his goals.  He wanted to perform better scholastically in his sophomore year; as he put it, “I’m ready to settle down and focus.”  And he didn’t want his ADD Tampa to be an issue.  He was also searching for a little balance.  He prioritized areas of his life―grades were of the upmost importance, but he wanted to enjoy some recreational sports and a social life, just not at the expense of his academics.

We came up with a workable plan to help Kevin manage his ADD Tampa.  First, Kevin had to manage his time.  He understood that he had to become aware of how he actually spent his time.  We identified five areas of his life―academics, recreation & social, life maintenance, health & body care, and miscellaneous.  Kevin then tallied how many hours of the day he spent in each area.  This gave him accurate information and clues as to where he needed to make adjustments.

Step Two in managing Kevin’s ADD Tampa meant he’d need to reach out for a little more help, this time from a college advisor.  He was reticent, at first, even to check into it.  But it’s important to know that most colleges and universities have a dedicated office to give students the support they need.  Once Kevin, reached out through the proper channels at his school, he reported feeling better able to control his ADD Tampa symptoms.

Kevin continues our visits on a bi-monthly basis to discuss progress and areas in which he feels challenged.  He remains flexible to changes imposed by college life, but incorporates a schedule to make his life run smoothly.  Most importantly, Kevin understands managing ADD Tampa is much like life―a work in progress.

Please reach out to receive help managing your ADD Tampa.

*Ficticious name