Rest to Manage Stress and LIVE- Everyone needs rest!

Sleeping-Woman-VectorWhen you write out your to-do list for the week, you probably don’t pencil in “rest” even though it is just as important as anything else that makes the list. Many of us tend to keep ourselves chronically busy, moving from task to task in a hurried state. We could even say that we are addicted to feeling busy and accomplishing tasks. However, any doctor you visit will support the fact that a rest in not just important for your body, it is vital to your body.  We see that resting has a proven effect on weight gain, blood pressure, kidney function, liver function, hormone production, adrenals, memory, depression, and anxiety levels. And this is the short list. There are many more things within the mind and body that need proper rest levels in order to function at an optimal level. Do you set aside one FULL day for rest? This used to be the standard but now we may not have answered yes to that question. If you do not have a rest day, you need to. And before you start coming up with excuses of why that won’t work for you, I have some tips below to help you find the time to do nothing.

  1. Stop making excuses.
  2. This is the most important. We always find the time for what we think is valuable and important. So drop the excuses and allow yourself to value the importance of rest for your health.
  3. Turn off the electronics.
  4. Checking emails, Facebook, Twitter keep the mind in a busied state. Take one complete day off from these. Fill your time with a walk outside, a real conversation with a friend or family member, or a good book. Your mind needs the electronics break.
  5. Get your family or friends on board.
  6. If you don’t tell people that you have a day of downtime, they will keep demanding actions from you. Set your boundaries and make them clear.
  7. Change your mindset to Work-Rest, Work-Rest, Repeat
  8. We all have busy lives, and that is not going to change. But if you shift your mindset to working hard and then enjoying a rest, you will feel more replenished. For instance, look at your calendar and identify which days are your busiest. On those days, make sure you do one thing at the end of the day that clears stress for you. It may be the treat of a manicure, eating out, or a nice long run. But make that a habit not a one-time treat.
  9. Simplify your life
  10. This is hard but so worth it. Get off the crazy train of debt by living within your means. Simplify the meals you cook, the errands you run, the cleaning, and the clutter in your home.

Life does not have to be so complicated. We create the life we are living. Factor in rest and you will find that you always had time for it, you just didn’t know it. Everything you need to do will still get done, but you can sleep better at night knowing that your life has more balance.

He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities. – Benjamin Franklin