ADHD Therapy in Tampa


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Suzette fell onto the couch in my office exclaiming, “I need help!”   She was frazzled.  “I just don’t know how to get my household under control or even myself. I feel so overwhelmed most of the time.  Suzette explained, “My life was fairly easy before I had my children. I love them so much, but I can’t seem to handle the details of raising them and trying to care for my husband, too.”  Once Suzette had let all the words and emotions of her story come out, she took a deep breath and waited to hear how we could work together to help her find solutions to help her deal with her ADHD.  How could she better manage her seemingly surmountable tasks?  Even the weekends weren’t offering her any reprieve.  Suzette is a typical woman who comes to see me for depression and anxiety.  She’s also looking for solutions to help manage her ADHD symptoms.  Together we have worked to analyze her life, helping to find a balance that works for her, not against her.

After a series of ADHD therapy sessions with Suzette, she discussed with me how much easier and more manageable her life has become.  She even managed to get away for a weekend with her friends, feeling confident that upon returning home, she would be able to pick up right where she left off with her now functioning schedule.  Suzette recently began working on calming her thoughts.  She talks now about feeling in control of her life and is efficiently managing her family members’ schedules.  Her home life feels more relaxing; she understands her own emotional state, feeling more confident and happy.  Suzette continues to learn how to be mindful of her own needs as she supports her family’s needs.  She’s a great example of a woman who is managing her ADHD symptoms and feeling in control of her life.  If you feel you live in the Tampa area and have ADHD symptoms and need someone to talk to, please reach out to us.

ADULT ADD – Finding Therapy in Tampa for Chronic Disorganization


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Most of us are familiar with the terms adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It’s hard to operate in today’s society and not feel affected by the various entities vying for our attention. Not being able to focus is an obvious symptom of adult ADD, but we all experience bouts of lack of concentration at some time or another. Let’s look at another symptom that may require treatment in therapy (Tampa).

I’d like to ask you if this scenario sounds familiar… Just yesterday you felt as though you could not get out of your own way. You didn’t accomplish anything and yet, you were so exhausted at the end of the day! Maybe your partner complained again about a task you forgot to manage. So you begin to ask yourself, “Could I have adult ADD? Seems like I do. I’m disorganized, my home has overwhelming clutter, and I feel as though I am always late. Maybe I need therapy (Tampa).”

I’m here to explain to you that adult ADD is a complicated issue, and so is defining its symptoms. Some individuals end up feeling so stressed that their “organized mind” shuts down. Others have a long-term history of feeling perpetually behind the eight ball, never able to catch up.

Seeking advice and therapy from a specialist can help you determine if you are going through a stressful period and just dealing with a temporary state or if you are chronically disorganized, which is commonly associated with adult ADD.

A patient of mine, who we’ll refer to as “Janie,” came to me for therapy because her husband was fed up with the ongoing chaos in their home. Janie worked with me to find solutions to her daily concerns. And with hard work, she was able to make small changes that had lasting, transformative results. For someone like Janie, a combination of therapy to help anxiety and depression, combined with coaching to address areas of disorganization, can help.