Mental Health Counseling for Joyful Living

Robin Leigh Maier, LCSW, is licensed psychiatric social worker who specializes in mental health counseling.  She is dedicated to helping her clients live healthier, happier and enriched lives. Through a variety of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive mindfulness therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and borderline personality disorder treatment, Robin works with clients to examine their lives, and to begin to make more positive choices.

Her goal for all of her clients is that they achieve a fulfilled life, shared with people in meaningful relationships, doing work that they love, while finding a healthy balance in all their life experiences.

Robin’s approach creates a professional partnership with her clients, working together to deal with the inner and outer triggers of anxiety, depression, sadness, confusion and grief.

My Mental Health Counseling Provides Individual & Group Therapy Sessions Which Address:

If you’re struggling with your current relationship, finding the right relationship, maintaining happiness or any other mental health issues, contact Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Robin Maier, today to learn more about how counseling can help you lead a more fulfilled and happy life.

Robin Leigh Maier, LCSW  

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