Group Therapy-Adolescents

Robin has seen amazing transformations in her clients as they share their stories and support one another in group therapy and counseling sessions. She believes that the power of social work therapy has helped many of her clients make new, positive choices and set a new direction for their lives.

She offers several group therapy psychotherapy sessions for adolescent and adult clients. Each group therapy session lasts for six weeks.

  • Living Healthy

    Adult and Adolescent Groups Available

    Diets, gym memberships, and good weight-loss intentions often fail because they don’t address the core issues of why we over eat. In this group session, we look at the real issues behind weight gain, and we support each other in our efforts to take better care of ourselves. We also discuss other aspects of our health, our personal goals, our career objectives and our relationships.

    During our Living Healthy Group Sessions for teens, we look at making healthy choices, achieving educational goals, developing strong relationships, and building self esteem and self confidence.

    In addition to the group therapy sessions, each member of the group is encouraged to participate in an individual therapy session at least once a week.

  • Finding Myself

    Young and Adolescent Girls Group

    We want our girls to grow up strong, self reliant and confident. This group helps to achieve that. Together, we look at how to establish a healthy self esteem, how to choose a good boyfriend and have a healthy relationship, and how to build self confidence.

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