Pregnancy & Parenting

Whether a healthy or a high risk pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, pregnancy can be difficult for many women. Robin Maier’s pregnancy counseling services are designed to help women coping with stress and fears of pregnancy through psychological counseling.

Prenatal Depression

Changing hormones, previous miscarriages, or a reduction in psychiatric medications during the pregnancy and can trigger prenatal depression. Robin Leigh Maier listens with a non-judgmental ear so that you can safely express your fears, disappointments and concerns, and she provides therapy and counseling to help you cope with prenatal changes.

Pregnancy & Parenting Counseling

Robin Maier provides a variety of counseling services for women ranging from pregnancy to the complex issues of trying to parent adult children. Common counseling services include but are not limited to:

  • New baby concerns
  • Parenting children with ADD or ADHD
  • Parenting gay or lesbian children

Speak confidentially with Robin Maier LCSW today to get the parenting counseling you need.

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