Healthy relationship are a key to a happy life.

Healthy relationship are a key to a happy life.

Learn to Right Your Relationship Problems

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to make your relationship stronger? It seems that with each New Year come pressures we impose on ourselves related to our new year’s resolutions. Many times, my clients have made resolutions that they hope will help their personal lives. Specifically, they’ll often want to discuss with me their relationships or lack thereof.

Now we’re into February, the month of love. Esther came in upset that she lost yet another relationship and wanted to know how―at age 37―she might find that one person who she’ll finally be able to share her life with. I reach out to you, dear reader, and say if you’re in a similar situation, let’s begin with a few basics for to consider. Are you someone who is in a relationship but you want to make it stronger? Or are you looking to find someone? We’re all looking for “the perfect match”… “the right fit.” We have to go through a lot to find that special someone. Today, I’d like to talk about just a few of the important things for you to think about.

Take Your Time

First, this is a process and most likely, not an easy journey to travel on. As a traveler seeking love and romance, you need to think about how you treat yourself. Never accept anyone who does not treat you as good as you treat yourself! Therefore, be kind, honest, and nice to yourself. What treats have you earned? What activities do you enjoy? What friends do you love? Stop looking for the instant love and attraction everyone dreams about. You must remember that real relationships take time. Of course, it’s great to find that person and quickly become attached at the hip, but when it ends, you might feel like a puddle on the floor of life and then you’re left wondering “how did this happen?” Give any relationship time to develop.

Communicate―Listen to Yourself and Your Partner

Understand that there will always be differences and perhaps conflicts but be mindful of how you and that person resolve them. Learning good communication skills is a must! Stop thinking about what is “right” and about what your friends think. Don’t be obsessive about what Mr./Ms. Right might look like. Follow your feelings. How do you feel with this person? If you feel anxiety, stop and think! Know your red flags and listen to them.

Be Realistic

Men and women always tell me that in hindsight, they see what they chose not to see early on. Take off those blinders! The red flags just might be waving in the wind and you are looking in the opposite direction. Keep your vision field clear so that your journey will find fewer bumps in the road; you’ll have fewer detours and you too can find the end of your “yellow brick road.” Learn to look at yourself, talk, and listen. Communicate well and take things slower. Wishing you a great fit and happiness for this New Year!