Tips to HappinessMake Your Typical Day… A Happy Day

It doesn’t take much to reset the course for happiness and give yourself a fresh start. Any decorator will tell you that the quickest way to change the feel of a room is to repaint the walls. The philosophy can be applied when creating new habits and routines for your life. Renowned business writer, John C. Maxwell says, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

First you need to look at what your typical week entails, so create a spreadsheet or list of your activities:

-Record your daily schedule (Monday – Sunday) for each hour you are awake. What do you do on a daily basis? Where do your errands take you? Who is with you? These are your “Routine Events.”

-Record your typical mood during each of the “Routine Events.” Be honest! Do you feel mad, frustrated, happy, tired, anxious, restless, content?

-Record the foods you eat each day, the hours you sleep, and your exercise routine.

-Record your ”Soul Thriving” experiences. How do you recharge? What makes you feel pampered, loved and happy each week?

Now that you have a written record, you can see where to make changes in the routine. Here are some ideas to help you initiate necessary changes:

1. Plan your week out
Our bodies and minds perform better with a balanced diet, proper rest and some “me” time. Plan time to write emails, text messages and check out social media…then stop when the period is up. Otherwise, these tasks can distract throughout the day and bog you down. Planning well will go a long way in helping you achieve balance.

2. Recruit help
The areas of your day where you are moody or fatigued usually indicate a need to recruit some help from people you trust, even if you have to negotiate a trade or pay a fee.

3. Make your mental outlook a priority
The goal is to live with enthusiasm and joy. When you feel depleted, everything seems to get out whack. Managing stress levels, exercising, getting outside and eating right all have a positive affect on your mind.

4. Practice mindfulness
When you are doing a task, do it wholeheartedly- instead of worrying about the next thing you have to do. Try taking a deep breath and staying in the moment.

5. Reward yourself…often
Buy yourself fresh flowers or have a cup of tea, go for a walk around the block or meet a friend for a latte. All of these things will help you recharge! (No donuts or junk food..that’s not a reward, it’s a punishment for your mind and body!)

It is important that no matter how full your schedule seems that you make “YOU” a priority, so you have the energy to handle the demands of your day. Reorganizing your day in small ways can make a huge difference in the levels of stress you feel each day.